contest submission/winner
I used  the new align to pixel grid feature of Illustrator before bringing vectors into Flash. In Flash I the benefitted from it's new ability to complete when using custom classes. I used custom classes and Action Script 3.0 to write a program that generated the vector layout which I then brought into Cinema 4D. Once the 3D work was completed I brought my renders into Photoshop.
The final image was composed is Photoshop CS5 using too many new and old techniques to be listed.
Image details: a) combination of stock photography, scanned elements, vector graphics that have been extrdued in Cinema 4D along with custom brushes and masks. b) custom scatter brush c) masks and a displacement map. d) depth mask.
Screenshots of me using color decontamination and content aware fill.
Screenshots of the puppet warp tool, which has been combined with the use of smart objects to avoid using destructive processes.
Screenshots of the new and improved refine mask.
Screenshots of true media brushes, the new and improved lens correction and the new mini-bridge.

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